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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ssspoooky Good Artists!

Hello my sweet 'n spooky friends! Hope this post finds you well. We have some wonderful new additions to add to SpookyTime Jingles!!! Although, I am currently showing these artists Halloween pieces, they also have wonderful Christmas art too! So be sure to peek at their bodies of work! They are listed in order of joining~

Please all give a warm welcome to Tracy of The Vintage Sisters Studio.
Tracy's sweet and whimsical take on Halloween is addictive! Can't wait to see what she has for us!

We also are welcoming Ginny of Ginny Diezel Studios! Ginny is an accomplished artist who is relatively new to the online market arena. We are very lucky to have her join us! Here are a few links to find Ginny's work(s) and be sure to look out for upcoming blog debut!

Also applause for the newbie on the block who will undoubedtly become a must have in the Halloween folk art world....Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio! Laurie's darkish yet refined and very appealing folk art are a must see for Halloween fans and collectors.

On the advertising front here is where we stand.
I am working with Somerset Studios publications, advertising dept to come up with a spot to call our own in the 2008 HOLIDAY ISSUE!!OMG!!!!! How amazing is that?

We are working frantically to get the art work done in time for the September 1st distribution (they technically should have had the art work already as they are already taking orders!). With this in mind we will not be extending the advertising poll any longer than its current end date.

Also, to do your part, please remember to put Spooky Time Jingles into your search engines as often as you can stand. Especially as we get closer to our launch date. It is already coming up now in lots of blogs and such when you search!! Right now the site is under construction so there is nothing yet to see but trust me it is there!


Laurie Hardin said...

Studendous header and very exciting news. This looks to be very wonderful for all that participate!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

This is really coming along nicely Dani. So many talented folks who have wonderful art to sell. This will be a great venture! Glad to be apart of it :)

sUz said...

hi daNi!

Somerset? That's awesome!

iN jOy,

~dani~ said...

Thanx all! I was soo jazzed when I found out they could work with us to fit us in. It will be a wonderful way to bring more people to our lil corner of the art world that is suddenly getting bigger by the day!! xoxo's to all of you for your support~

Marie Patterson Studio said...

LOVE the banner!! Everyting is really coming together so well!! Spookytime Jingles is gonna ROCK!!!

sUz said...

hi again daNi!

I forgot to mention how great the banner is - awesome job!

Is it SpookyTime Jingles or
Spooky Time Jingles?

iN jOy,

~dani~ said...

Suz... It is SpookyTime Jingles. I will not be bothered by any comments or postings, the other way, so don't anyone worry about it. I just like it as one word...flows better.
Off to go sign and fax contracts to Somerset!!! Yeah!


Candace Navarrete said...

How Awesome!Summerset :)...The banner is Wayyyyyyyyyy Cool! Annette did a wonderful job!

Designs by CK said...

Dani ~ FUN blog & new venture!

I wish you & all the participating artists good luck! :)

Spooky Regards,

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