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Monday, June 23, 2008

Great questions asked & answered!

Hi Dani...
I read the updates..and am very excited..

I do have a couple of questions though if you could help me on them..hope I didn't miss them in the updates..

1.How many spaces will we each have...for Halloween and Christmas..hope to do both...and do you want Halloween and Christmas both for the Grand opening?
You can load up to 3 pictures on each holiday page you have ( I do not care if there is more than one item for sale in each photo, just keep it within reason). I would love for each seller to do at least one in each category for the launch but I also understand that won't happen with everyone and that is more than fine.

2. Should we pay you now?...if so and thru Paypal to what address?

I will be sending out notices/address info to remit payment next week most likely when we are closer to a confirmed launch date. I do not feel comfy with taking money and no firm date. B/c of the vendor log in info and personal pages it takes the web guys much longer to build than most online marketplaces. That is why I have hesitated to nail down a date, in case they run a lil behind. However, I told them 2 weeks last Wednesday so we should be within a week and a couple of days of being 100% online. And, of course everyone will have time to navigate and tweak their pages before everyone can see.

3.Will we be able to load our own pics ...since we'll have to sign in?..if so will there be a special size for them.

You will load your own pictures (of course we will be here to help you just in case). As far as size, I will leave that up to you as it is your personal page. I think everyone knows pretty much what is too large or too small. I suggest you put up what is best for your work/page.
Just remember that......If it is too large or takes too long to load b/c of say a photo album, people will leave. They will not wait for it to load. I myself do it all the time. I feel like I could be doing something else vs. sitting here waiting for the vendors "movie" to begin.

4.If we have to take a month off for vacation..do we still pay $12..and would you want a banner or pic of one of our dolls or work put on that month?...

Yes, there still will be the $12.00 fee when on vacation. For a few reasons. I purposely made the monthly fee so low that it should not affect anyone too deeply financially, so I think it balances out if a month is missed.
Secondly, you can still sell for one month, if you want to while you are away. If you have an item to list, we will be happy to update your page(s) for you as long as you send us the pics & description for the item(s) you want to list. We will be the contact person while you are away and answer any emails about it's delivery to the best of our ability & depending on your time away/ability to be reached by me for questions.

5.I'm not really computer savvy and was wondering how user friendly this site will be.

Well, it in theory should be very friendly. That is part of the delay as truthfully I keep bugging the two web guys to tweak things to make it easier for all involved. There will be myself and 2 others available to talk to you on the phone to help walk you through anything that may seem scary or wonky!!! EEK!

6. Also, how do folks purchase and pay for items that are listed?

You can do it one of two ways. They will email you and request an invoice for the item(s) of interest...which is the customary way to do it. So, if you have multiple emails for the same item...you just sell it to whoever emailed you first.

Or secondly you can create a Paypal button in paypal for people to click and buy it now/add it to their cart. I will be posting a tutorial on how to do this in the coming days.

7. I would love to contribute more to advertising costs than the amounts you have listed. I really feel strongly about marketing and want to be sure we can get the most exposure we can especially at the onset. Let me know what you

I think that the person who wrote this (and I swear on my children it was not me or anyone I prodded)deserves a hug. Please do not get me wrong, I am fully-painfully aware that this market is tough on everyone in some way or another. But I am very grateful for this comment because unfortunately, I cannot do it all on my own dime and I will accept any additional assistance in advertising.
At the risk of sounding like a late night tv info-mercial...even just $5.00 really does make a difference. The good news is that people just love the Somerset publications. They are more than magazines, they are collector mini art books that no one can bare to toss in the hopper because they feel the need to refer back to them (yes..me too)!!! I think it is money well spent. So, in closing...DO NOT feel obligated (I do not keep score, I promise) but if your budget allows for an extra $5 or $10 we can get into November's Art Doll quarterly this year and one other publication too!!

Thank you to everyone involved and interested. This is a BIG dream come true for me to bring together such very diverse & gifted artists to one marketplace where we can live our dream to make art and make money while doing it!
I truly believe we have something special in our SpookyTimeJingles Mag and I am FULLY committed to do ALL that needs to be done to bring it to the masses.

Happy Creating~

1 comment:

Sherry's Cabin said...

Oh how exciting!!! Am I too late to submit photos? I tried to submit at the address listed in the first posts, and I got a delivery failure. If so, will you be accepting new artists in the future?

Thanks so much and have a Blessed Evening,

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