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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sneak Peak for December 2011

Ho, ho, ho...it's almost time to go for the magical December update! Don't get left out in the cold and miss this one. Head on over to www.spookytimejingles.com at 12:00 am EST on December 12 to get a jump start on warming your heart with all the holiday goodness our artists have created just for *you* this month!

Oh, such party and cheer!

We have an amazing Guest Artist the last month of this year...

We are thrilled to have a very special Guest Artist to round out our 2011 year. Known by many as a huge Halloween FAN, he has created some truly amazing Christmas pieces for STJ this month...one of which is soon to be featured in both FOLK Magazine and Celebrate 365-Winter! He has also been seen in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and loves creating art for all seasons.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Put some Fa in your La-la-la

It's time for the STJ November 13 update!!!  Hop, skip and jump to SpookyTimeJingles at midnight tonight to see the latest creations for the holidays!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just in Time for Halloween!!!

A little sneek peek.....

Just in time for your Halloween decorating!!! The SpookyTimeJingles site will be offering new items starting tonight at MIDNIGHT (EST) !!!

October's Guest Artist!

Yay for October!

This talented artist whips up precious creations
 reminiscent of a by-gone-era.
Can you guess who it is???

Stop by STJ on the 13th for our last update before Halloween!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our New Update for September 13th

The SpookyTimeJingles is ready for a new update with new items waiting for you to grab your favorites!

It all starts at midnight just as the clock ticks into September 13th!!!

Here's a little preview of some of the new items.

September Guest Artist!

Hello friends both sweet and spooky!
Here is the teaser for this months special guest artist.

If you have ever been lucky enough to score won of this artists pieces, then you know, it's all in the details!
Can you guess who???

Visit Spookytime Jingles on the 13th for a spectacular update.
Don't forget, Halloween and Christmas will here before you know it!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Soiree, It's GO time!

Updated information on the STJ Artist Meet n Greet and Soiree

The Artist Meet n Greet (Fri. 7-9) and the Holiday Soiree (Sat. 10 am – 3 pm) are scheduled as planned! River Rescue at the New Hope Eagle Fire Company has advised that the Delaware River will be cresting later this evening or early tomorrow morning.
Several back roads in the area were closed earlier today, including the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, due to high water volume. Local businesses and residents residing directly along the Delaware River in New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ have been advised to evacuate as a safety precaution.
However, the New Hope Eagle Fire Company, the venue for our events, will be open and is not located in the downtown area along the Delaware River. Though parts of Rt. 29 were closed earlier today, many roads are still open and Route 202 is easily accessible to the Fire Company.
Alternative driving routes may be advisable if traveling tomorrow or Saturday. However, most major roads should be back to normal by later tomorrow afternoon. It appears as though it may be a slow news day, as many reports of flooding seem to equate to a world disaster! Such is not the case and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

Dani & Wendy
Owners of SpookyTime Jingles

Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Ready to Party

How is it September already? Only 58 days to Halloween! It is busy season for Halloween collectors and artists. Best of all, we are finally into Halloween art show season which means happy collectors will be bagging new treats. I envy those of you who will be heading over to the SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree next weekend.

This is the perfect time to plan your Halloween party (or parties for that matter!). I hold an annual pumpkin carving party. Not only is it a fun time, but once you have a collection of carving tools it is easy to repeat every year.

I’m swooning over a blog/web site called Hostess With the Mostess (HWTM). Their latest blog post is a Vintage-Style Halloween party. After you are done checking out the blog for ideas, head over to their web site and search on “Halloween” for even more inspiration.

Between HWTM and the catalogs/magazines I’ve gotten my hands on this season, it is obvious that the sophisticated party look is still very much in. HWTM features pictures of parties with hot pink incorporated into black, white, and orange color schemes. It’s a great way to be modern and add a dash of POP.

Halloween-themed wine like the Vampire brand available at Cost Plus World Market is a perfect complement to your party. This year, I’m planning to check out Elk Creek Vineyard’s Ghostly White Chardonnay and Bone Dry Red Cabernet. After enjoying the wine, it’s always fun to add the bottle to my collection!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Special Message to our Artists, Fans and Customers

A Special Message to our Artists, Fans and Customers:

Wendy and I want to sincerely apologize for the delay that occurred with the site update last night. We recently employed software on the site that has been automatically updating all the pages at midnight every month. This method has worked well for us until the update last night, and we are still researching what went wrong. It took us a while to manually update the site, and for that we are truly sorry. We know a lot of our customers stay up late to "pounce" on artists' new work, and realize this was a major inconvenience for you last night.

We want you all to know we are committed to making STJ a better online marketplace and we promise to do everything within our power to prevent an update delay like this to occur again.

We know many on the east coast have to stay up late or set an alarm to be ready when we debut our new update. This commitment and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. One idea we are considering is moving the update to 12:00 NOON on the 13th of every month or possibly 10 pm. We will conduct an online poll for you to vote regarding this possible upcoming change.

Finally, we are hard at work on a completely revamped SpookyTimeJingles.com. The new site design will make the shopping and selling experience much easier for artists and their customers. We are really excited about this redesign and can't wait to roll it out in 2012!

Thank you for your patronage of SpookyTime Jingles and for supporting us as we grow!


Dani Nelson and Wendy Leaumont
Owners, SpookyTime Jingles

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who LOVES Halloween????

We do! We do! We LOVE Halloween AND Christmas too!!!

SpookyTimeJingles.com will delight you with new work at the stroke of midnight, August 13th !!!

Here's a peek at some of the items created by these talented artists! Be sure to come by and take a look!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Guest Artist!

This farm gal creates vintage wooley goodness!
Do you know who she is??

Stop by STJ on the 13th to find out:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hungry Ghosts

If you are a Halloween Jetsetter, you’ll wish you were in South China this week. Have you heard of the Hungry Ghost Festival? It’s something I would love to see in person someday.

This festival (also celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia) is celebrated in the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. This year the festival is August 14. Hungry Ghost Festival is similar to the original Halloween in Europe. Both are holidays when the veil between earth and the afterlife are thin and the dead return. Chinese pay respect to their dead ancestors and give gifts to unknown ghosts who could bring them bad luck. Prayers and food are offered. Incense sticks (joss sticks) and paper money (called hell money) is burned for the dead. Paper representations of offerings like cars and tvs can also burned in offering.

At the end of the festival, some people float lotus lantern boats on rivers to help show the souls back to hell. That must be beautiful.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this link.

You can spend the day after STJ is updated eating Chinese food while doing a decoupage hell money craft project! Lucky people near Northampton, MA can visit Hungry Ghost Bread. I totally need a bag from that bakery!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Is The Halloween Hobbyist?

Greetings fans and artists of STJ! My name is Kristen and I am proud to be a new reporter for the STJ blog. I am a Halloween art collector, a Halloween decorator, and I love to get crafty for the holidays. I will be sharing with you tips and news around topics of interest to STJ fans.

I have always liked Halloween. As a kid my favorite memories are of trick-or-treating in my Aunt Karen’s neighborhood in Bay City, MI with my sisters, cousins, and best friend Erin. No plastic bags or pumpkins for us – we used a cotton pillow case for maximum hauling capacity. I still remember one of her neighbors who dressed up as Frankenstein and laid in a coffin with a bowl of candy. I was so scared to get to that bowl, but I did it.

My interest in Halloween collecting started back around 2001. I fell in love with the Department 56 display at Hallmark. Not long after that I was doing searches on eBay and somehow I stumbled upon some original Halloween art. I was hooked. A decade later we have so many wonderful resources for art collecting – STJ, blogs, Facebook, etc.

I was lucky enough to meet the ladies of STJ at the National Halloween Convention in May. It was at that show that a seed was planted in my head to get more involved. In my next post, I will explore the Hungry Ghost Festival in China.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can you guess who this Surprise Guest Artist Is?

This guest artist-celebrity guest artist, is one of the most successful in the holiday collectible industry today! This artist's work is highly coveted and collected the world over and has been for more than a decade!

We are EXTREMELY proud to host such a well known artist here on SpookyTime Jingles. The increasingly heavy schedule our guest artist has makes it almost impossible for them to do anything outside of their current workload. So, to find our guest artist invitation accepted after almost 2 years of all of us courting the idea, we are ESTATIC to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with this artisan!

Two pieces ONLY will be available. This artist created NEW designs just for their SpookyTime Jingles debut. Which traditionally is strictly reserved for each new seasonal line. To say we are honored is an understatement.
Come join us won't you, to give a warm welcome to such a kind and talented guest artist as..........

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary #3 for STJ!!! Come Celebrate with us!

Get your party hats on and join us for the celebration!

Here's a little sample of the new works that will be available!

Some artists will be offering a portion of the proceeds to charity
Details on the "Make a Wish" donations, will be on the website!

Monday, June 13, 2011

THREE big welcomes!

what a delight to welcome our surprise guest artist for june...

Ginny Betourne of Trout Creek Tales

Ginny is a licensed artist with Bethany Lowe Designs and 
creates the most whimsical folk art pieces using papier mache, 
paint and her delightful imagination.  
we hope you will join us in giving her a big STJ welcome!

and while we are cheering and welcoming...
let's say hello to our newest STJ family members! 

Michelle Miller of Run Red Run

Michelle is known for her extremely detailed and flawlessly crafted
wool fiber sculptures.  created by hand and made of 100% unspun

wood.  Michelle's one-of-a-kind fiber art dolls have been featured 
in Art Doll Quarterly.  welcome Michelle! 

here is a peek at her halloween offering this month...

and a big hello to
Paul Scott of Paul Scott Designs

Paul has worked in sculpture, illustration and graphic design... 
as well as previously designing holiday decor and dolls for 
Katherine's Collection.  he how focuses on creating seasonal
magic with his beautifully sculpted art dolls and characters.  
welcome Paul!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Important Announcement Regarding Tonight's Update!

Hi, STJ fans! Due to a serious problem with our domain registrar, our website update will take place at www.spookytimejingles.nettonight! www.SpookyTimeJingles.com is currently unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control! We are working on the problem and hope to have it resolved soon!. THANK YOU!


Come see the new items from the STJ group and this month the added 4th of July pieces!!!

It all starts TONIGHT at the stroke of midnight! Get to SpookytimeJingles!!!

Here's a little peek at some of the new items!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

You've seen the Rest, Now come view the BEST!!!

That's right!!! Our SpookyTime Jingles artist's have new Halloween and Christmas goodies just waiting to be snagged by you!!! Be the first in line to get your favorite pieces!

REMEMBER it all starts TONIGHT (May 12 at midnight,EST)!!! Get to SpookyTimeJingles!

May's Guest Artist!




All of these words describe this months guest artist.
Can you guess who?

Spookytime Jingles Day of the Dead Collectors Tree

Currently up for Auction on Ebay A Four Foot Feather Tree Completely decked out by Artists of SpookyTime Jingles

From tree skirt to tree topper this

Day of the Dead

inspired tree is beautifully finished and full of wonderful

one-of-a-kind surprises.
Ornaments from past and current members grace the traditional feather tree branches

Marie Patterson Studio original

Marie's tiny creations are filled with big Character!
Alphabet Studio always brings the Spooky

Hand-painted canvas tree skirt

YOBOROBO - fantastic felt!

Noodle and Lou - sweet!

Grinning Skull from She's Off Her Rocker Studio

Light and Shadow Studio - always perfection

Tree is filled with dancing skellies, flitting glitter butterflies, bright beaded garland and Festive chili pepper lights.

A LuLu Kellogg Original

Bucks County Designs -A Traditional Day of Dead!

How do you top such a fantastic tree?

with a

HoHo Halloween Original of Course

Bid on this tree and it could be YOURS!

search eBay using STJ365 in your searches

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some of our art at the National Halloween Con!

Below you will find some of the fabulous original art available now at our booth at the National Halloween convention! If you happen to see something you like, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page to ask about more information! Pieces are selling fast here at the convention, so contact us soon if you're interested in anything!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

SpookyTime Jingles Grows up!

Yes, STJ is growing in so many ways. In just a few days STJ will attend its 3rd National Halloween Convention in King of Prussia/Philadelphia. Each year we are one of the most highly anticipated vendors at this show. It is so heart warming to receive such a warm and exciting response from attendees, fans and collectors alike.

So,this year we decided to completely revamp our booth displays to keep it fresh and to keep you all on your toes! You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!
Think Neo-Victorian haunted house meets SpookyTime Jingles!

Also look for our LIVE feed to be shared on our Facebook Fan Page!

If you see a piece you like when we post pictures and videos leave a comment on our Facebook page and we will contact you. Last year we sold Dozens of pieces from pictures posted on our page!

This year we are doubly honored to be considered by 2 television networks for interviews and filming for upcoming features about Halloween!
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed ;)

SHOWROOM FLOOR SALES DAYS ARE ONLY Friday, May 6th-Sunday the 8th!
The other days are for vendors only

*if you would like to attend the NHC and need any assistance, please let us know we would love to help!
contact us at: spookytimejingles@yahoo.com

We are nearing our 3 year anniversary-July 13th, since we opened our internet doors and beyond!
No small feat in the tough climate we have all weathered these last few years.

Our growth and success has shown that so many of you love our concept and our goals and believe in what we do. Thanks, seems too little of a word for the tremendous gratitude Wendy and Myself have for all of you. And an especially big hug of thanks to the artists who work so hard to bring you the best they can do every month and at every show.

Finally, last year we held our 1st annual STJ Holiday Soiree and it was a remarkable success for a 1st year show. The Soiree excitement continues for us this year as Wendy Leaumont (STJ new Co-owner) is aboard full time! The talent Wendy brings to STJ is nothing short of magical.

Together we have planned an ambitious event for the 2nd annual STJ Soiree and intend to make it even better for artist and collector alike!

To start we have a new Webpage for the Soiree
that will allow us to not only give you the important details but also display it all attractively.

We have a new venue this year that is warm and inviting in gorgeous historic New Hope, Pa. (I always dreamed of having an art show in New Hope-yippee!!)
Plus, it is only 10 minutes away from last years venue.

This venue should hold us for many many years to come and we hope will prove to be the yearly home of the STJ Holiday Soiree!

Imagine Warm woods, glistening chandeliers, cozy carpeting underfoot and Victorian furnishings among some of the finest holiday collectibles to be had!

It is hard to believe all we have accomplished as a group of dedicated artists in such a short amount of time.

I am honored and humbled and happy.

artfully yours,
dani nelson
founding owner of SpookyTimeJingles.com

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