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Monday, October 11, 2010

It's all new on October 13th!!!

Just a little sampling at what you'll see as you click thru the pages at SpookyTimeJingles this month, starting on October 13th!

(remember that the 13th actually starts at the stroke of midnight as Oct. 12th goes into the 13th and continues on all month)

come by and check out the new and exciting creations from all the SpookyTimeJingles artists!

welcome KAMILA of WoOded WoOds!

one of our most favorite months is here!

hellO octOber!

and with the fabulous spOokytime jingles holiday SOIREE just around the corner and hallOween sneaking up right behind that...we have even ANOTHER reason to celebrate around here.

kamila of Wooded Woods is joining our spOokytime family this month!

welcome kamila!

kamila creates breathtaking art dolls...haunting characters full of such amazing details. you can visit her website HERE and her blog HERE.

a little about kamila, from the artist herself:

"My name is Kamila and I make dolls. What comes out is a combination of my love of fairytales, the unknown and capturing the wonder of youth. I have a background in illustration but focus mainly on sculpting and story telling. I can't really be described as conventional, I explore a large range of characters, feelings and afflictions... My mom has asked me to tell everyone that I had a very happy childhood...:) "

we can't wait to see what kamila has in store for us on october 13th!

see YOU then!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surprise Guest for October

This month's guest artist barely has time to rest (unless it's on fabulous bedding). From the creative imagination, a photo stylist, editor, art director, project designer, licensed artist, and entrepreneur has been born. This artist has worked with such amazing talent as Mary Engelbreit, Matthew Mead, and Martha Stewart.
Who am I???
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