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Thursday, April 29, 2010

the National Halloween Convention IS HERE!

can you feel the EXCITEMENT in the air!!!!?

woot, woot!!!

the gang is headed there now...setting up
SpookyTime Jingles ART.
we sure hope to see YOU there!

Sales floor days are:

Friday,30th 10am-7pm

Saturday, May 1st 9am-6pm

Sunday, May 2nd 9am-3pm

and not only will you marvel in the collection 
of our one-of-a-kind halloween ART...you will 
get to preview our 2010 SpookyTime Jingles 
Collector's Tree AND buy your very own "viewing"
(aka "raffle") ticket for your chance to WIN
this baby!

here are some peeks...

if you can't make it to the
convention...you can buy your ticket

now...back to those spooky and sweet
STJ pieces that will be at the convention...
here a few peeks from some of our arisans...
some little TRICKSTERS from

SPECTACULAR treats from Brandi

of She's Off Her Rocker

DELIGHTFUL creations from

Marie Patterson

and SOOOOOO much MORE!

you will be in Halloween heaven:)

we'll have live updates on our facebook

fan page...stay tuned and

thank you to all our wonderful supporters!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UPDATE to: Get your Halloween Tree tickets now!!

Please read below for new terminology used to comply with Paypals policies on Raffle Tickets!

Halloween Raffle Tree Poster!

Choose the # of STJ Halloween Tree tickets you want!

"We don't Call them Raffle Tickets, we call them Viewing Tickets" ;)

You are buying tickets to "VIEW" our Fantastic Tree and in turn we will choose a lucky "Viewer" as someone we gift the entire decorated Tree to this May!
****To be able to use Paypal buy It now Buttons for our Halloween Tree Event. We must use the terminology of Gifted, Charity or Donated to be able to sell you your "viewing" tickets for chances to win this amazing tree! Paypal's policy is that raffle tickets fall under gambling and they are not allowed to process any payments with the words raffle or gamble in it.

Lucky Recipient announced this May!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You've Got to come see!!!

The amazing artists of Spookytimejingles have been hard at work and are ready to show their newest creations!!!

Be sure to come by this month and have a look! The update starts at just around midnight April 12th into the 13th!!!

This represents only a small preview of what you'll find on all the artists pages.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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