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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On our way!!!!

SpookyTime Jingles Banner

Well, what a fruitful day it has been in the land of SpookyTime Jingles. I finally spoke with the "web guy" who said we should be online in 2 weeks from today!! Woo Hoo!!!!
Fingers, Eyes & Toes Crossed!

I want to thank all of you STJ artists and friends who have put the SpookyTime Jingles announcement and links on your blog(s). It seriously never occurred to me that any of you might do that. I was amazed when I saw 3 posts and 2 badges!!! Super sweet!!! I will have to come up with some fun way to say thank you to all.

Now for the business end of it....ugh ;)

I want to remind everyone to please vote on the advertising polls along the right hand side of the blog. This will affect everyone. I can extend the poll if need be but I want to get this in order and for everyone to know what will be coming.
Also, I want you to know that I will work with your budget. Meaning, if you need to pay the advertising fee in installments that is fine. Just email me and we will work it out. But we still have time for that so do not fret, yet ;)

I have received a much larger amount of emails of artists interested in STJ than I ever expected this early on. I am so happy with the "crew" we have now. We are going to have a fantastic launch!

I want to welcome our newest addition to STJ.....drum roll.........
Candace of Howling Moon Designs!

That brings us to 8 artists and a bunch more in the works! Not bad for a venture just very recently announced!

The official SpookyTime Jingles banner is almost done. We are soo close. It is the perfect mix of Halloween and Christmas!!! We are having so much fun designing it and tweaking it that we could probably play with it forever. As soon as it is complete I will post it for all to snatch up for your blogs, sites and such if you like.

Don't forget to email me any questions, concerns or comments. I am here to hear you. So now is the time~
Happy Sweet and Spooooky Creating all!


Lance said...

oh man, I cant wait to see that banner. glad to hear all is well. I have a snowman in the works for the site, he's coming along nicely. So how many items should we start with?

~dani~ said...

I would say start with 1-3 items in each section (Halloween or Christmas or both). You can sell in one or both. Whatever you prefer for that month. I would like to see everyone offer at least one item in each section but that will not happen with some artists and that is ok I cannot wait to see your snowman!!! Woo Hoo!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

WOW!!! 2 weeks!!!! I better get to work!!!!
I do hope that people are being "linked" over to this blog successfully.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

pssst!.... come join me in the "Happy Dance"!

Candace Navarrete said...

Cool, 2 weeks :)...I'm working away..LOL..Thanks for the nice introduction! I can't wait :)

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