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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who can it be now...?

Here is your 1st clue to the Surprise Guest Seller for the September update! I swear if you all get this too fast I will just choke! But guess away as I will not confirm or deny (most likely) until the actual update when you will all find out together! Happy guessing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Proof that we are everywhere!

Just walking down the beach this morning and look at what I saw!!!
SpookyTimeJingles is everywhere!!!

Manasquan 2008 133

Birdie Billboard!
Be sure to let me know where and when you see STJ sightings!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

September new additions!!!

These three artists have been on the roster since early on but were unable to start due to previous commitments until September. So, now I can finally share these awesome artists with you all!
First, we have Kerry of Paper Moon Gallery!! Kerry is known for her needle felted wool dolls and her papier mache dolls. She has been featured in Art Doll Quarterly on numerous occasions and will be in the fall issues of Somerset Studios, Somerset Holidays (STJ ad is in this one!!) and Art Doll Quarterly (STJ Ad in this one in November!!)! Welcome!!!

Second, we have Sheila of Freckleberry! I have enjoyed seeing Sheila's treasures for sometime now and am tickled that she has joined STJ's! Her Santa's always bring a big smile to my face and I have found her Halloween pieces to be just as charming!

Finally, we have the always fun Cathy Nash! Her whimsical creations always leave me smiling and wishing I had thought of that!!

So, that rounds out our SpookyTime Jingles crew and brings us to the end. No more announcements planned or artists on the back burner. We do have a substantial wait list for when a spot opens up, which just amazes me. I do think we have something special here with STJ's and I am soo happy to share in it with all of you crazy talented artists!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Surprise Guest Seller!!!

Guest Artist Avatar

How fun is this!!! Each month we will have 1 surprise guest seller. I will give you vague clues to the artists identity and slowly reveal more and more info as we get closer to the update. Can't wait to see if anyone guesses right!!!

Clues on September's surprise guest, in a few days, so stay tuned!

Feel free to email me any suggestions or inquiries on how to become a guest seller on STJ!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Customer Spotlight Series!

This is the first post of the customer spotlight series! We want to know our customers a little better just like the artist bios help our customers get to know us.

Our first customer, Candy comes from Long Island, New York. She has been an avid collector of Halloween and Christmas items for the past 20 years. Halloween items are displayed throughout the first floor of her home on tables, fire place mantel, every piece of furniture and on her walls. Candy concentrates her collecting on pumpkins, witches and some skeletal creations too. She says doesn’t like anything too “creepy and frightening” as she wants to feel joy when looking at her purchases. When asked what Halloween folk art she would absolutely not part with, Candy states, “ the creations from all my favorite artists”! It’s quite apparent that Candy loves Halloween so I asked her what her favorite childhood memory of Halloween was? It seems having the right costume and getting fabulously huge bags of candy and carving and lighting a jack o lantern made the best Halloween times for her.

Candy purchased items from the following SpookyTime Jingles artists:

Ambitions Design,
Huckleberry Arts,
Ginny Diezel Studios,
Crowing About Primitives
The Smiling Goat
The Polka Dot Pixie

What drew her to these artist’s creations? That’s simple! She states, “just were things I loved the look of and wanted as part of my Halloween or Christmas collection”. Candy believes that folk art is great if it is one of a kind, handmade well and is sewn and created with many details and professionalism. If she had to describe the Spooky Time Jingles Marketplace to a friend she would tell them it’s a great new site to purchase from.
Thanks for the interview Candy and we hope to have you as a return customer!

This post was written by our own Melissa "Tootie" of Honey Girl Studio! Thanx Toots, great job!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July Door Prize Winners!!!

Candace Volkommer won....
Candy happened to be our biggest supporter and I am tickled pink her name came up as a winner!
My Doorprize for STJ July 13th!

Michelle Sinclair won......
Michelle also was a wonderful supporter of STJ's artisan's and it clearly helps your chances of winning an awesome door prize!
Janell stjgiveaway Door PRIZE

Mary Ellen of Art Kissed won.........
Marie Spooky Cat

Connie of Altered Route won....
marie ghosties

Shannon Goff won.....
SurpriseDelightJoy Door Prize

Tonya Of Back Porch Pickins Won......
Tonya was a wonderful supporter of our artists and also happened to be SpookyTimeJingles.com biggest personal referrer from all other personal sites & blogs!!!! So, I was so happy when her name popped up as the winner of a door prize! It was meant to be!
Laurie Hardin Santa DP

Kimberly Strong won......
Kim was another strident supporter of SpookyTime Jingles during the July update! I believe she is a big Halloween fan so I think this is right up your alley!
Candy DP gourd

Diane Collins won....
DP for FLora

Heidi Landry won.......

Gail M. Berry won.....
Ginny Diezel Snowflake Doorprize

Sandra Cook won.....
Sandra visited SpookyTimeJingles everyday to enter & shop. Thanx Sandra-Glad your efforts paid off!
Honey Girl Door Prize for STJ

Jayson Gifford won......
She also happened to mention that she LOVED this painting in her entry so when her name popped up I was happy to give her what she loved sooo much!
The Vintage Sister Door Prize for STJ

Congrat's to the winners!!! Feel free to email me at ambitionsdesign@yahoo.com and I will put you in touch with the artist whose treasure you are winning!! Otherwise, I will contact you shortly with all the info.

I encourage you all to let me know what your favorite door prizes are for that month, so if your name is picked, I will try and match you up with your favorite artists/pieces!!

Also, clearly purchasing from an STJ artist dramatically increases your chances as you are getting your name entered 10x for each purchase you make!

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped make our debut an enormous success with MUCHO sales supporting our AWESOME ARTISTS!!! And to the SpookyTimeJingles artists who worked their butts off getting everything done on time and still managing to come up with such wonderful door prizes to giveaway!


I can't believe we give this stuff away!!!!!

Ginny Santa DoorPrize AUg.

Can you believe it???
Look at this awesomely festively sweet Santa! Tell me you wouldn't love to see this on your tree year after year?

Spoiler Alert...Ginny has a few for sale this update!! Shh, just between you and me, ok?

Thanx Ginny for the awesome freebie!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, no...Spoiler Alert!

lance Crescent Hill
Lance of Crescent Hill has been busy creating this TDF (to die for) detailed piece and I just had to share a lil peek!

I love me some SpookyTime Jingles!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spoiler ALERT!!!

So, I am having a ball picking some SpookyTime Jingles Goodies from Flickr to share with y'all for the next update! Plus, having fun only showing portions of the piece or slightly masking it, to keep you wondering just a bit! So, exciting isn't it????
So, take a look at this one! OMG Santa's Helper is sooo cute and ready to join your home to help you cheer on the holiday season!

Howling Moon Designs Elf

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Door Prize by Kim Hardt, sneak peek!

Kim Hardt does not mess around when it comes to creepy characters that somehow still have that cute quality to them. Well done Kim & thanks for sharing!!!
Kim Hardt Door Prize on STJ's!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Artist Bio's & Door Prizes!

So, here is your chance to learn more about your favorite SpookyTime Jingles artists!! Check out our new Bio tab to find out more about each artist and why they do what "they" do! You will even see bio's from our new artists joining us on the 13th of August.
Happy Reading~
Oh & Be sure to check for our door prize winners announced on August 13th with new door prizes added!

Here is a peek at an upcoming door prize!

STJ August doorprize Huckleberry Full size

Friday, August 1, 2008

SpookyTime Jingles Exclusive

Featured on IndieFixx!

$10 off (plus free ship) for mentioning the IndieFixx Post!

Haunted House in background is by artist Tommy of Haunted Construction Co. who will be debuting on SpookyTime Jingles on August 13th!

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