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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Special Message to our Artists, Fans and Customers

A Special Message to our Artists, Fans and Customers:

Wendy and I want to sincerely apologize for the delay that occurred with the site update last night. We recently employed software on the site that has been automatically updating all the pages at midnight every month. This method has worked well for us until the update last night, and we are still researching what went wrong. It took us a while to manually update the site, and for that we are truly sorry. We know a lot of our customers stay up late to "pounce" on artists' new work, and realize this was a major inconvenience for you last night.

We want you all to know we are committed to making STJ a better online marketplace and we promise to do everything within our power to prevent an update delay like this to occur again.

We know many on the east coast have to stay up late or set an alarm to be ready when we debut our new update. This commitment and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. One idea we are considering is moving the update to 12:00 NOON on the 13th of every month or possibly 10 pm. We will conduct an online poll for you to vote regarding this possible upcoming change.

Finally, we are hard at work on a completely revamped SpookyTimeJingles.com. The new site design will make the shopping and selling experience much easier for artists and their customers. We are really excited about this redesign and can't wait to roll it out in 2012!

Thank you for your patronage of SpookyTime Jingles and for supporting us as we grow!


Dani Nelson and Wendy Leaumont
Owners, SpookyTime Jingles

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who LOVES Halloween????

We do! We do! We LOVE Halloween AND Christmas too!!!

SpookyTimeJingles.com will delight you with new work at the stroke of midnight, August 13th !!!

Here's a peek at some of the items created by these talented artists! Be sure to come by and take a look!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Guest Artist!

This farm gal creates vintage wooley goodness!
Do you know who she is??

Stop by STJ on the 13th to find out:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hungry Ghosts

If you are a Halloween Jetsetter, you’ll wish you were in South China this week. Have you heard of the Hungry Ghost Festival? It’s something I would love to see in person someday.

This festival (also celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia) is celebrated in the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. This year the festival is August 14. Hungry Ghost Festival is similar to the original Halloween in Europe. Both are holidays when the veil between earth and the afterlife are thin and the dead return. Chinese pay respect to their dead ancestors and give gifts to unknown ghosts who could bring them bad luck. Prayers and food are offered. Incense sticks (joss sticks) and paper money (called hell money) is burned for the dead. Paper representations of offerings like cars and tvs can also burned in offering.

At the end of the festival, some people float lotus lantern boats on rivers to help show the souls back to hell. That must be beautiful.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this link.

You can spend the day after STJ is updated eating Chinese food while doing a decoupage hell money craft project! Lucky people near Northampton, MA can visit Hungry Ghost Bread. I totally need a bag from that bakery!

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