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Monday, June 16, 2008

Coming along nicely!

Well, I am just awe struck by the amount of positive feedback and interest in SpookyTime Jingles! I knew it was a pretty good idea as there are so many of us that love our spooky-sweet holidays but geez..this is just amazing.

The artists joining STJ this week are:

1)SuZ of SurpriseDelightJoy

2)Annie of AlleghenyAnnies
and two more artists are in the works!! Woo Hoo...we have FABULOUS artists at STJ!!!

So,for those of you joining...you are on notice to create!!! You have at least 2 weeks before our launch.
I need everyone to commit to a minimum of 3 months on SpookyTimeJingles. As the newbie on the block it will take sometime for people to find us. I need everyone to
understand that these things take time and we will grow at the appropriate rate. I am fully committed to babysitting SpookyTime Jingles and to market it in as many ways as I can squeeze in.

Here is my question for you. Instead of me just saying that there is an advertising fee of $75.00 a year...how about each of you tell me what you are comfortable paying for the year. This fee will be non-refundable and it will be prorated based on the join date & months left in the calendar year.
I will add two polls at the top of the blog, based on dollar amounts to spend on advertising and you can choose that way.
I want to be fair to all budgets BUT please keep in mind that we get what we pay for. I will be paying the same fee as everyone else plus the cost of marketing materials (business cards that each vendor will receive, flyers, buttons, etc....)
Also, because 1/2 the year is over, we can consider spending a lil more this year to help get STJ off the ground. Whatever the concensus is, is what will be.

I do not want joining SpookyTime Jingles to be a hardship for anyone. I know that many people across the country are struggling in this market. I just want us all to be able to make money doing what we love!

We artists have the best marketing tool there is...OUR Mouths! So, lets use them to spread the SpookyTime Jingles word!

Happy Sweet n' Spooky Creating~


Lance said...

this is exciting! i dont know how you manage two blogs, etsy, flickr, spookytime jingles, etc, but hey, more power to ya. I'd better get busy on some stuff for the new site. cant wait!!

~dani~ said...

Lance, I am sooo super jazzed about what you will have coming. I Know it will be fabulous...as always!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Dani - I added this blog info to my blog today......sorry I didn't think about this sooner.

Sandra said...

Wow Dani
Sound like a wonderful site....I might be interested in joining,
love to have a place for Christmas year round.
I will get back to you soon.
Congrats...I know it will be wonderful
Thanks Sandra

Jenny said...

Interesting. Good luck to you on this endevour. Come vist my blog sometime. I am on dummer dolls at the moment and Halloween is on my agenda for July :) Maybe someday you will invite me to your group.

Yours truly ( a beginner doll maker)

PS. If you don't mind I may add you to my blog. :)


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