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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is a Holiday Hootenanny?

Holiday Hootenanny on SpookyTime Jingles 2009!

We have SpookyTime

We have SnowyTime

Now, we have


is STJ artisans offering additional holiday art to our 365 Halloween & Chrismas format! From January 13th - February 13th we will also offer Valentines Day related goodies as a special treat to our collectors!

Hope you will join us for our 1st annual Holiday Hootenanny!!

But will there a SpringyTime? hmmmmm......

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Door Prize Winners for November's Update!

Winner of Ambitions Design Snowman Sculpture is Allison Bartlett!!

Winner of Ginny Diezel's Santa Ornament Jennifer Banach!!

Ginny Santa DP

Winner of Crescent Hills Surprise Ornament is Elma Riedstra!!

Lance dp for Nov 08

Winner of Marie Patterson's Snowflake Ornament is Candyce Volkommer!!

Marie Patterson Door Prize Nov 2008

Winner of Suz of Surprise, Delight, Joy's Papier Mache Star ornament is Erika Crawford!!

Suz's stj november door prize

Winner of Sweet B's Box & Owl Ornament is See McGee!!

Sweet B Folk ARt Door Prize Nov 08

All winners will be contacted by the artist within the next few days to set up delivery of your goodie!! Enjoy~

Friday, December 12, 2008

More Great STJ News!!

Some of you may remember Blur Blaby (Allegheny Annie) on STJ from when we first opened. Well, she has returned!! Annie had family commitments & took a short break from SpookyTimeJingles but has returned and I am tickled Christmas Pink!!

~So, be sure to check her shop out tonight when we update at midnight EST~

Occasionally an artist will need to take a STJ hiatus and that is always understood.

Family life must always come first.

But they are ALWAYS welcome back. So if one of your STJ artist favorites has been MIA....don't be surprised if they return in the future!!

~Holiday Hugs~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did you remember?

Don't forget tonight at midnight when it turns to December 1st, that
SpookyTimeJingles updates with new holiday goodies!!

Why the extra update? You asked for it! Ask and you shall receive. Here's to getting all the goodies you want before anyone else does!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Naughty or Nice Update Sneak Peek!!!!

Fat Jak Originals Sneak Peek
Look at this offering from Jackie at Fat Jak Originals...AMAZING!

December 1st will mark our Naughty or Nice, SpookyTime is listing twice update event!

~We are listing on December 1st & 13th this month~

Our artists have worked very hard to bring you some amazing pieces for this added update, hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An STJ artist gives away goodies for eating candy!

All you have to do is post a comment about the
"candy of the month"
and you have become entered to win a piece of
Sweet B Folk Art!

New opportunity each month!!

Details and Candy Club Rules found along right hand side of blog, EASY!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Heidi of Crabby Gabby Dolls made & designed this original Perfectly Pink-Sweet as Sugar Snow Gal!
Those colors, the textures, the attention to detail. Amazing example of a must have doll! $165.00 includes her travel faire! YES!!

How is it that these wonderful Holiday items are still available on SpookyTimeJingles?

These are just a few of the wonderful examples of handmade treasures that make for wonderful heirloom Christmas gifts still available on STJ!

click photo's to go directly to the goodies!

Melissa (Tootie) of Honey Girl Studio made this wonderful gift box of uber festive goodies. The ornament alone inside is worth the $30 for this!! I adore the colors, the style and I would love to receive this as a gift. What a great box to keep your treasured Christmas keepsakes !
Oh and be sure to check out her Recipe Book available...it is such a sweet gift to give (yourself!)

Cathy Nash of the Electric Company made this super sweet paper mache & clay Santa who clearly rings in the holiday season! He stands at 10.5 inches tall! At $121 with free shipping that is a steal for this size original art piece.

Iva Creations has this Victorian vintage inspired Snow Girl ornament that brings back such warm memories of yester years. Hand crafted goodness at only $20 PLUS 15% goes to autism speaks, in your name!! Hello!!

Our surprise guest artist this month is Colleen Moody, who has created this Top Hat Snow Girl. At 14 inches tall this sweetie snowgirl is pure beauty. Vintage rhinestones and pearl jeweled accents and vintage millinery are just the icing on the cake. Look at that sweet expression. This is clearly a piece you enjoy for many generations and hand down to a loved one. Imagine giving this as a gift? You certainly would be long remembered for such a fabulous thoughtful gift.
$150 and 20% goes to Autism Speaks in your name!

Tonya of Back Porch Pickins made these Vintage styled silver glittery snowflakes!
And just like the time worn text on each ornie they do make you believe in the magic!

I love unpacking my ornaments each year to trim the tree. Memories come flooding in from when you received the ornament or that time when you brought it home and made it yours. Ornaments mark milestones in our lives and what a wonderful reminder of our past.
Set of four snowflake ornies, You could keep 2 and give to 2 as gifts! $45.00 and they are all yours! Enjoy~

Buy Handmade!
Friends do not let friends
buy massed produced

And to clarify that statement I mean plasticy dime store things.


Cheap or shoddy material.

Obviously, not everything sold in the big box stores are junk.

Yes, it is true.... I too shop Target on occasion and love it!

~Happy Holidays~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Door Prize Winners for October Prizes!

Winner Of Sheila's Ornie is Adrienne Falzon!

Sheila Jacobson Door Prize

Winner of Kristen's Treat Cone is Sue McGee!

Kristen Beason Door prize

Winner of Tracy's Print is Amy Wingate!

Vintage Sister Witch Print

Winner of Melissa's Mixed Media on canvas is Lori Gallo!

Honeygirl studios door prize

Winner of Ginny's ornament is Jody Sullivan!

Ginny Diezel stocking door prize

Winner of Marie's ACEO ornie is Melissa Valeriote!

Marie door prize

Congrat's to all of our winners!! You will be contacted by the artists to set up delivery of your new handmade treasure! ENJOY & please be sure to thank them! Remember this is not our hobby, this our career ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The countdown and a wonderful surprise for collectors!

Just a few hours left until our midnight
(or there abouts..lol)
Eastern Standard Time update

~In a few shops this month on STJ~

Click photo to link directly to make a donation anytime!

For the month of November, select Halloween & Christmas pieces will have a portion of the sale price donated to Autism Speaks. Your donation is tax deductible. Please see individual descriptions for the amount of the donation.
Thanks for your support!

What another, Sneak Peek?

Look At what
Crowing About Prims
has coming to SpookyTimeJingles in under 24 hours!!!
CAP Sneak Peek

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sneak Peek!!

Christmas orni's 2008 058

Look at this nutcracker ornie!! Oh, and wait til you see Kim's, Santa and the..........Oh, I can't tell everything! You will have to swing by www.spookytimejingles.com on the 13th of November to see for yourself.

Remember many people hop on the site just before midnight of the 13th. They want to be sure they get "their" one of a kind exclusive piece of SpookyTimeJingles Art before they miss out!

See ya there!

Oops...look what I dropped!

Another Surprise Guest Artist Hint!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Additions for November!!

So, we have two wonderful new additions to add to the SpookyTime Jingles family!! I am very excited to announce:

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations

Iva brings an eclectic mix of Holiday Art to STJ and I am very excited to see what she has in store for us! I Love surprises!!

And the lovely

Tonya of Back Porch Pickin's!!

Tonya is a doll maker that I have admired since our online introduction many months ago. Her dolls are sure to please and again I am excitedly curious to see what is coming!!

Please join us for the November 13th update to say hello to all your favorites and to welcome our newest additions!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Surprise Guest Seller-HINT!

Ok, so.... I have really tried to make it harder this month, lets see what ya got!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Look at what came in today's mail!!

STJ Custom CK Design Postcard

Chris Klinger of Designs by CK our current surprise guest seller, this month made this awesome commissioned postcard for SpookyTime Jingles! This will make for GREAT STJ marketing materials & online ads!

Thanx Chris for your sweeeet talent, I love it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unbelievable NEWS!!!!

Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio ROCKS
ABC Nebraska TV!!!
Our very own Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats studio was on ABC's Nebraska TV this morning. Not only did she show her amazing works but she said where to buy her art is at SPOOKYTIMEJINGLES.COM and that we have Halloween & Christmas Art collectibles!!!

The link is below .....


Click the artwork from Monkey-Cats Studio link and then click the lil yellow video camera above her Halloween piece to start the video!!! 3:00+ minutes of heaven!!!

Artwork from Monkey-Cats Studio

Meet a local artist who sells her works around the country.

Thank you Laurie for your wicked good talent and super sweet kindness!

This is Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lookie Lookie Here!!

Look at our new ad & extra surprise in Art Doll Quarterly Winter Issue due out November 1st!

ADQ Winter FRONT COVER with Ad quarter sized

ADQ WInter Ad quarter sized

ADQ Connections ad

I am giving away this issue to a lucky entrant on my personal blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio

~Shares her SpOoKy StYlE with us~

Decorating 2

Laurie also makes gorgeous floral arrangements for the family tree farm each season. You must peek at her glorious creations on her blog! A truly gifted gal she is! Thanx for sharing your spooky style with us Laurie~

decorating 3

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Artist SpOoKy SpOtLiGhT- - Janell of PUMPKINSEEDS Folk Art!!

Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art

~Shares her SpOoKy StYlE with us~

Spooky vignette at Janell's home which she calls a cave b/c it is a house made of stone!
How cool is that? I want a cave, too!! ;)

Janell Berryman has wicked good stuff to scare away the ghosts in her neck of the woods, see for yourself!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Septembers Door Prize Winners!!

Diane Gill is the Winner:

NL cards

Cathy Cheswick is the Winner:

Kristen Beason Sept doorprize

Paula Klawender is the Winner:

pumpkin MArie DP sept 08

Alicia Smith is the Winner:

Witchby MArie Dp for Sewpt 08

Nancy Lowery is the Winner:

wee Claus door prize 4 ginny Sept

Cheryl Parsons is the Winner:

Annette DP SEPT

Allison Bartlett is the Winner:

SUz Sept DP Ornie

Congrat's to all the lucky winners! It turns out that all the winners (except for 1) were collectors of SpookyTime Jingles artists work!! So, clearly it still does pay to buy your way in!! Woo Hoo!!
All winners will be notified by the artist who's goody they have won within the next few days.
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