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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Door Prize winners from November's Update 2009

Lisa of LLA's Winner is: Charlotte Miller (12 days Buyer)

lla santa dp for NOV 09

SUZ's Winner is: Suzie Stowell (random entries-STJ fan Badge Program)

Lisa of Bucks County Designs Winner is: Elma Riedstra (multiple buyer +12 days)
Lisa Nelson Ornie DP Nov 09 Snowman

Cindy of Cat & Fiddle Folk Art Angie Peterson (Multiple Buyer + 12 Days buyer)
Cindy Cat Folk Fiddle DP Hallo Nove 09

SUZ's Winner is: Cecilia Manser (multiple buyer)

Sheila of Primdolly's Winner is: Janean Marinko (12 days Buyer)
Pimdolly Witch hag Nov DP 09

Kristen Beason Designs Winner is: Sue McGee (Multiple Buyer + 12 days)

Marie Patterson Design's Winner is: Denise Fugere (buyer + 12 days + entries)

All winners will be contacted by the artist via email within THREE Business Days to set up delivery. Thanks MUCH for your support and love of all things STJ!

Meet Our December Guest Artist

Please take a moment to view the work of Carole Watts, our guest artist for this month.

Small change in the Door prize Winner Announcments!

Usually at the strike of midnight we try to announce the winners of our door prizes. But due to our increasing growth it has become clear that we can no longer continue the same format. We are getting LOADS of entries right up until the midnight hour. So to be sure that every entry that comes in before midnight when it turns to the 13th of the month, is counted, we will change our format a bit.

From now on the Door Prize Winners will be announced sometime on the 13th during the day. Winners will continue to be announced right here on our blog!

This change will allow us to count the entries much easier and to be sure each person entered is counted properly.

Thank you for your interest and support of SpookyTimeJingles.com We cannot thank you enough for helping celebrate sweet & spooky handmade art!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't Miss out!!!!

The December 13th update at SpookyTimeJingles!
Just in time for your Holiday shopping season!
Get your new goodies before they're gone!

Here's a little "concealed" peek at just some of what you'll find only on SpookyTimeJingles.com!

Monday, December 7, 2009

STJ Collector's Tree is LIVE!

What are you waiting for.? RUN to the first ever "Christmas Edition" STJ collectors tree!!
So exciting!!



Please help STJ grow by logging into your ebay account and "watch" our auction. Just by enough people watching it could put it on Ebay's pulse which can only help STJ artisan's get the exposure they SO deserve!

Of course, if the mood strikes you bid away! The tree is a remarkable work of art and we are all so proud of it and I am 100% confident the winner will be over the moon pleased with this stellar offering!

Be sure to also view our slideshow (also linked on ebay auction page) to see each ornament up-close!
They are all so stunning!

STJ ornament Collection Mosaic

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exclusive- SpookyTimeJingles Christmas Tree!

I am sooo EXCITED to announce our newest Surprise for you!

If you love the world class art represented on SpookyTimeJingles.com, You will just adore what we have for you starting in just 1 day!

Our VERY FIRST Complete Collector's Tree!

This Tree is our Christmas Edition and is filled with original - one of kind - handmade Christmas Ornaments strictly from SpookyTimeJingles artisan's ONLY!

What should you expect? How about a SIX FOOT TREE with BOAT LOADS of Ornaments, A Tree Topper and a Tree Skirt- ALL original works of art! CRAZY, right?

Be sure to check it out, Tell your friends and Watch the auction to see what happens to the first ever STJ tree! Search for "STJ" on Ebay or our user id- 'SpookyTimeJingles". We will link it right here for you once the auction has begun!

Poster STJ ebay Tree Badge

Friday, December 4, 2009

DAY 4 has posted!

Go see our newest surprise goodies just listed for our 12 days of STJ Christmas countdown! This celebration takes us right until the Big 13th update of SpookyTimeJingles.com!

~Happy Collecting~

12 days day 4 badge 2009 christmas Campaign!

Click above to go directly to sale page!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Surprise!!! 12 Extra STJ Sale Days in December 2009

~Click This Badge to go directly to the 12 Days of Christmas sales page!~
12 days of Christmas big badge

Help SpookyTimeJingles.com countdown the 12 days of Christmas!
Beginning 12/1-12/12 we will be listing a few new ooak goodies each day!

Just look for this first avatar if you go directly to the STJ Main Page each day!
12 days of Christmas avatar

It will take you right to all of the one of a kind handmade artisan pieces that make for perfect gift giving! Many pieces are under $35.00! Wow!

Happy Gift Giving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

October 2009's Door Prize Winners are here!

Winner of this Goodie is: Sharon Johnson (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Leanne Ellis (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Amy Sharp (random entry)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Sally Cloutier (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Elma R. (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Deb Wilson (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Patricia Shove (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Wendy Leaumont (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of this wonderful Goodie is: Robert Brawley (Daily Entries & Blog Badge Program)

Winner of this Goodie is: Maryann Childress (Multiple Buyer)

Winners will be contacted by the artist's within 3 working days. Congrat's to all!!! Thanks bunches for your support!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exciting News for Friday 13th!

Just after the stroke of midnight (when Thurs night goes into Friday 13th EST) people that are "in the know" are at their computers just waiting to pounce on their favorites in hopes of snagging a little piece of happiness ;-}

Here's a little peek at just some of the goodies you'll find from the SpookyTimeJingles artists this Friday, November 13th!!! You'll have to stop in to see all the new offerings.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Surprise Guest Artist

This talented artist can be found in a prestigious 2008 directory. Who can it be?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Artist signing!!

Come meet Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art at her Enesco signing! Bring your own or purchase pieces while there. A few originals will be available for purchase as well. See you there!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nebraska artist making a career out of Halloween | ksdk.com | St. Louis, MO

Nebraska artist making a career out of Halloween | ksdk.com | St. Louis, MO

Laurie Hardin of Monkey Cats Studio- NBC Interview

Big Congratulatory High Fives for Laurie Hardin of Monkey Cats Studio as she does it again! Last year was a CBS interview and this year it is NBC! What is next for this talented artisan?

~Click Below Picture to go to video or read interview below~

(10/27/2009) By Dennis Kellogg - If you are struggling to carve out a scary face on your pumpkin for Halloween, there's a woman in Kearney who can probably give you a few helpful tips. NEWS 5's Dennis Kellogg introduces us to this artist who focuses on Halloween twelve months a year.

There is something about Halloween that brings out the artist in Laurie Hardin.

"I have always liked Halloween," said Hardin.

Laurie has taught college art classes, and served as the curator of the Museum of Nebraska Art. Her focus, though, has shifted from landscapes to frightening shapes.

"I do Halloween year round. It is a theme I do. There are huge Halloween collectors out there and they are always looking for something new, something a little bit different," Hardin said.

She has developed a series of orange pumpkin figures called the "Pumpkin Boys." Then there are the white pumpkin sculptures she calls the "Lumina Brothers."

They tend to be a little mischievous.

"Each one of these figures has its own very unique story, including this guy, who bears a striking resemblance to someone in Laurie's family," said Hardin. "I got it finished and I showed a photograph to my sister and I said, 'Who does this remind you of?' And she said, 'That looks like dad.' And I said, 'It does look like dad.' So it is the only figure that I have decided that I am going to keep."

Laurie has to create a story for a figure before she can even think about beginning her work with the paper mache clay.

"I have to develop a story for the figure to let the figure evolve. The facial features, the smile on the face, the position of the body, what the figure is dressed like, what he is carrying, what he is wearing. All those little elements kind of create who that little figure is going to be," said Hardin.

Once Laurie has created her vision, she goes to work in her kitchen studio. She roughs out a basic head and body form. Then focuses on the details which make each work one–of–a–kind. That can take hours.

"And then all of a sudden you realize, oh gosh, the sun is setting. I guess it is time to quit or think about making some supper," said Hardin.

Since she started about a year and a half ago, Laurie has made nearly 200 unique Halloween figures. They have been purchased by collectors across the country. And Laurie said she is in no danger of running out of new Halloween characters to create.

"There is always something in Halloween land. There is always some new creature or some new story that comes out," said Hardin.

That's why for Laurie Hardin, every day is Halloween.

Laurie recently returned from an exclusive Halloween art show in California called "Halloween and Vine." Halloween collectors flew in from across the country — and she sold almost every one of the pieces she brought with her.

If you would like to check out more of Laurie's works, we have a link to her blog on our web channel at http://lauriehardinsaccents.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



STJ will be down (approx 24 hours) for server migration starting 9pm (EST) Tonight! Due to the overwhelming traffic the site has been experiencing we need to move to a dedicated server to accommodate the traffic and make things flow better during these high traffic times. Thank you for your patience and most certainly for your support that has made this enhancement necessary.

All updates on the migration can be found here on our blog and on our Facebook Fan Page

Sunday, October 25, 2009

are you ready for some amazing news!?!

we have...not 1, not 2, not even 3...

but 4, yes FOUR, off the charts talented artists joining our Spookytime Jingles family in November! November is for giving thanks and we are SO thankful for these amazing artists!

come on...we'll introduce you! (click on their names to visit their blogs!)

debra creates pure magic out of paper mache. take a peek at her fabulous creations...you can't help but fall in love!

sheila creates the most MAGNIFICENT halloween art dolls. don't they just make you want to pull up a chair and have a conversation with them!? amazing details and so much character...

i have had the happy pleasure of meeting jackie in person and she is just as delightful as her art! Her whimsical holiday art will bring a smile to your face EVERY single time!

and please welcome

Bonnie from Studio of Bonnie Jones!

Bonnie's amazing sculptures will absolutely mesmerize you. the attention to detail...the life like features...ooooh so gorgeous! have a look...

so, just in case you needed any MORE, here are 4 more reasons to check out SpookyTime Jingles in November! such an exciting time!! not to mention that Halloween is just a few short days away. spooky JOY!

thanks for stopping by everyone. 3 cheers for SpookyTime Jingles!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Full Update Now Playing!

September's Door prize Winners Announced!

Winner of Gourdqueens delight is...... LuLu Kellogg (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of Lisa's delight is......Greg Holtkamp (BUYER)

Winner of Elaine's delight is...... Sue Mc Gee (Buyer)

Winner of Marie's delight is...Michelle Kelsey (Blog badge Program)

Winner of Pam's delight is......Kim Wagner (Multiple Buyer)

Winner of Susie's delight is......Donna DePond (BUYER)

Winner of Suz's delight is......Pam Baxter (Random Entry)

Winner of Suz's delight is......Celeste Sosnowski (BUYER)

Congrat's to all winners! The Artist's will be given your contact information within 3 days, so expect contact then. Thank you!

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