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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presentation & Packaging

This post is part of our continuing series where our STJ artist's share what is important to seller and buyer alike. I asked Kristin Beason of Kristen Beason Designs to share with us her experience with packaging and presentation and why it is important. I was lucky enough to recently receive my first purchase from Kristen and was amazed at her style and how wonderful her presentation was. I felt like I was opening a present on a holiday!

Thanx Kristen for sharing with us.....

First impressions are everything. Just as the case with first meetings, sellers must be aware of the fact that they are creating an impression as soon as the buyer receives the box in the mail.

How many times have you purchased a piece of art from a seller, only to be confronted by the smell of smoke, dirty packaging, or worse- no packing at all? Making that little effort to present your artwork as exceptional requires a little creativity and money. Speaking for myself, I am always impressed with the seller who packages their art with the intent that they are producing something that is professional. It is also likely to create repeat buyers if they know you take care and pride with your packaging. I always shop at boutiques and galleries that offer gift wrapping free of charge. It doesn't matter if the purchase is $10 or $100, the packaging reflects that something special awaits inside.
We've all heard the saying that you need to spend money to make money. If you're willing to be creative and thrifty, a seller can find unique ways to making the visual experience of the buyer a satisfied one.

1. What packaging did you encounter that made you think, "Wow, this is nice!" Try not to copy other sellers, but find something similar that puts your unique artistic vision to your artwork.

2. Add little surprises with your shipments. Without giving away trade secrets from other artists, I have been impressed with all of the fun, inexpensive goodies that have been stashed inside the mailing box. Think of lightweight gifts that are different, maybe something that pertains to your medium or part of the country.

3. Does your buyer know where they or their friends & family can get more of your work? Be sure to include business cards, tags, or postcards that have your website, blog, and/or online selling websites clearly visible. Websites like Vistaprint have free business cards available. My husband is very good about pinning my business card on any bulletin board he encounters on his business trips. I had someone contact me from a business card on the other side of the country. Promote, promote, promote!

4. In this day of trying to be green, recycle clean packing materials. I've never been a fan of crumpled up newspapers or paper towels. There are a lot of gift and specialty stores that have a surplus of packing materials that are thrown away each week. Just ask.

5. Think outside of the box- literally. I recently received a box from Dani that had cute illustrations and sayings on the outside of the box. What a great way to put a smile on that buyer's face. Taking another cue from our STJ leader, try not to recycle boxes that may have questionable print on the outside. Who wants to receive a box that has "Depends Adult Diapers" stamped on it? The United States post office offers free Priority Mail boxes that can be delivered to your door in less than a week.

Going that extra step will insure that you will have a happy buyer who will love that newly acquired piece even more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Talk Radio Giveaway!

To enter to win one of these FANTASTIC Ornaments (+ an added bonus!!!), you must now EMAIL ME (ambitionsdesign@yahoo.com)with the code word(s) from the Block Head Rod Blog Radio Talk Show. Now if you missed the show just go back and listen to it from the archives...super easy! Rod will give out 1 word per day for the next week (not on weekends). You can enter for as many code words as are revealed.
I will announce the winners on next Wednesday's Primetime Show in the evening. Details to follow.
Enjoy the show and good luck!!
This stack of skellies was created by Kristen Beason of Kristen Beason Designs.

This snowman cone is sculpted by Ginny Diezel of Ginny Diezel Studios

This is an example of what Suz of Surprise, Delight, Joy is creating just for you right now with layers and layers of papier mache!

Added BONUS!!

During the show today Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art checked in and gave a 1 time use of 40% coupon off any of her ETSY pieces!! So email me (ambitionsdesign@yahoo.com)with the "code word" that was mentioned on Block Head Rod's Blog talk radio show today (go to his blog or archives to hear an instant replay!) and you have a chance to win! Above is one of the items in Janell's shop!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Interview & Giveaway tomorrow on BlogTalkRadio

So, tomorrow at 1pm(EST) is the Block Head Rod show which features Indie artists & Etsyians and I will be the guest speaker tomorrow, discussing SpookyTime Jingles!! How exciting!

I do hope you will all come listen and even call in to ask questions or to make comments.

Listen to The Blockhead Rod Show on internet talk radio

You do not need special software. Just go to the site and create an account (1 minute or less & free too) and you can be involved. Otherwise, just go to his blog and listen via the link along the right hand column of his blog.

A random caller will receive a gift certificate to SpookyTime Jingles to use in 2008!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!

All of our artists are now accounted for. Spooky few days there wondering how a handful of our artists were doing? But alas the last Ike castaway has checked in via a laptop and a car battery..stealing a nearby signal I suppose...shhh!

I cannot imagine what those affected have gone through or are still going through with no electricity, running water, and for some, sadly their homes. The process of cleaning up and rebuilding seems too big, I would imagine.

In the coming days-week(s) I look to hear what our artist friends-family are in need of. I do hope you will consider checking back and helping us help our SpookyTime Jingle artisans regain their daily lives so they can continue to bring us their amazing works of art.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Door Prize Winners!!

Well here are our door prize winners for the August update on STJ! If you see any repeat winners from previous months and wonder why? That is because for every purchase you make, you get your name entered in 10x more! One of our winners purchased 5 items therefor recieved 50 entries!
Congrat's to all of our winners!!

Betty Zornizer is the winner of this sweet & spooky ornie!

STJ August doorprize Huckleberry Full size

Jillian Porter is the winner of this wicked lil spookie!

Kim Hardt Door Prize on STJ's!

Alicia Smith is the winner of this festively fun ornament!

DoorPrize Pin SUz August 08

Sue McGee is the winner of this sweetpea of a Santa ornie!

Ginny Santa DoorPrize Aug.

Penelope W. is the winner of this wonderful one of a kind ornnment!

Kristen Beason Aug door prize

Jody Sullivan is the winner of this whimsical dream of an ornie!

DoorPrize Ornie Suz AUGUST

Candy Volkommer is the winner of this sweet as sugar ornament!

Tootie Door prize August

Within a few days, Winners will be contacted by the artists who donated your door prize goodies. Please be sure to thank them for their generosity!

Friday, September 12, 2008

One day to go!!! Sneak Peek Extravaganza!

My creation

By tomorrow you will know for sure who the guest artist is and that I am sneaking in a wonderful new addition to STJ's who I just had to get in!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hint # 2 & Sneak Peek Spoiler!!

NL Surprise Guest Pic Hint #2

C'mon...you guy's can do better, this time, keep guessing!!!


Now lookie at this gem!!
Might this be the epitome of the perfect commingling of sweet & spooky?
(wow that was a mouth full)

Polka Dot pixie Spoiler Peek!

Come back soon..Lot's more sneak peeks coming!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Awesome Spoiler Alert for September 13th update!!

Marie Boo Ghost Sneak Peek

I saw this and almost jumped out of my seat...wait til you see the whole piece, all I can say is WOW-scary good stuff!
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