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Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's a date & dessert!

So Yes, it is true we have a launch date!!! July 13th! Each 13th of the month will be our update. Now, for those of you suspicious of the #13, don't be in this case. Everyone will always remember when our update day-date is and that is in the words of Martha Stewart...."A Good Thing"!!

Speaking of Martha, I had a HUGE dose of reality the other day while researching magazines to advertise in. I knew Martha Stewart Living (or anything) would be pricey but I thought maybe an obtainable goal for the future...HA..... ROFL hysterically as I go in and out of consciousness from disbelief. For the very bare minimum ad (1/12) in black and white is a staggering $84,000.00 for ONE ISSUE!!!! Yep...that's right. So, we all know why in part Martha has gobs of money (somebody PLEASE tell me she does something substantially humanitarian with some of that money)?

Moving on to bigger and better things- The DESSERT....Artist's Joining STJ!!!!!!! Weeeeee~

We have our first Altered Arts & Paper artist who I have had the pleasure of swapping with in the past and am amazed at just how finely crafted each and every piece is...never a flaw (how's that for pressure)? Tootie of Honey Girl Studio

Next we have Flora of Bone Head Studios, don't you Love that name? I was told that Flora does Halloween very well and that is an understatement!

Next is Jenny of The Polka Dot Pixie!!! Jenny's super sweet Halloween & Christmas creations rival the sugary goodness of cotton candy. They are TDF...TOO DIE FOR!!

Lookie next at Deb of The Laughing Doll. You will all become an instant fan of Debs work if you are not already. Her very unique dolls are best summed up in her own words "Creepy finds for off the wall minds"! Love it!!!

Finally, we have our final SpookyTime Jingles artist to join us (unless of course I salivate over anymore artists that submit their work and I do reserve the right to add additional artists under the excessive salivation clause).

Look at Kim of The Smiling Goat! Besides being a delight to chat with on the phone she does the sweetest Prim goodies! Go ahead try and pick just one to love..can't do it!

Ok, it is now 2:45 am and I think I should hit the hay....nitey nite or well, good morning all~


Tootie said...

I'm so excited and humbled to be in such wonderful company of so many talented artists!

The Smiling Goat said...

Me Too!! Me Too!!!
I can't wait! I'm drawing up a storm! Looking for fabric and paints! I'm so inspired with all this talent!

Kim (Goatie)

Huckleberry Arts said...

Woo Hoo love the date, and wow I am drooling over all the artist!


Melissa Valeriote said...

Holy WOW! Can't wait to see the debut! I'm very interested!!

Lorraine said...

Wow!! I'm so glad I came across this blog!! Very cool!! Can't wait 'til July 13th :o)!!

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