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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spookytime Jingles Day of the Dead Collectors Tree

Currently up for Auction on Ebay A Four Foot Feather Tree Completely decked out by Artists of SpookyTime Jingles

From tree skirt to tree topper this

Day of the Dead

inspired tree is beautifully finished and full of wonderful

one-of-a-kind surprises.
Ornaments from past and current members grace the traditional feather tree branches

Marie Patterson Studio original

Marie's tiny creations are filled with big Character!
Alphabet Studio always brings the Spooky

Hand-painted canvas tree skirt

YOBOROBO - fantastic felt!

Noodle and Lou - sweet!

Grinning Skull from She's Off Her Rocker Studio

Light and Shadow Studio - always perfection

Tree is filled with dancing skellies, flitting glitter butterflies, bright beaded garland and Festive chili pepper lights.

A LuLu Kellogg Original

Bucks County Designs -A Traditional Day of Dead!

How do you top such a fantastic tree?

with a

HoHo Halloween Original of Course

Bid on this tree and it could be YOURS!

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jingles said...

Really its a great work.Presentation of tree is a wonderful.

jingles said...


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