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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sneak Peak for December 2011

Ho, ho, ho...it's almost time to go for the magical December update! Don't get left out in the cold and miss this one. Head on over to www.spookytimejingles.com at 12:00 am EST on December 12 to get a jump start on warming your heart with all the holiday goodness our artists have created just for *you* this month!

Oh, such party and cheer!

We have an amazing Guest Artist the last month of this year...

We are thrilled to have a very special Guest Artist to round out our 2011 year. Known by many as a huge Halloween FAN, he has created some truly amazing Christmas pieces for STJ this month...one of which is soon to be featured in both FOLK Magazine and Celebrate 365-Winter! He has also been seen in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and loves creating art for all seasons.

1 comment:

LuLu Kellogg said...

Everyone's work is amazing this month! I get pure giddy when it's time for new updates! Off to peek and see who's our Guest Artist!

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