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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UPDATE to: Get your Halloween Tree tickets now!!

Please read below for new terminology used to comply with Paypals policies on Raffle Tickets!

Halloween Raffle Tree Poster!

Choose the # of STJ Halloween Tree tickets you want!

"We don't Call them Raffle Tickets, we call them Viewing Tickets" ;)

You are buying tickets to "VIEW" our Fantastic Tree and in turn we will choose a lucky "Viewer" as someone we gift the entire decorated Tree to this May!
****To be able to use Paypal buy It now Buttons for our Halloween Tree Event. We must use the terminology of Gifted, Charity or Donated to be able to sell you your "viewing" tickets for chances to win this amazing tree! Paypal's policy is that raffle tickets fall under gambling and they are not allowed to process any payments with the words raffle or gamble in it.

Lucky Recipient announced this May!


Brandi McKenna said...


Southern Fried Art said...

Awesome !!!

Valeriote Design said...

My goodness... what a jackpot!!!!

AbbieRoad said...

I was at the convention today and bought some tickets, but I had to buy more through paypal just now. I want to win this so bad! I absolutely adored the booth today! It was my favorite thing at the show!

Sylvia Smiser said...

OOOOOH!!! I am so excited I can hardley contain myself! I want to win sooo bad. All the ornaments look so magical and amazing!!!

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