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Sunday, April 11, 2010

You've Got to come see!!!

The amazing artists of Spookytimejingles have been hard at work and are ready to show their newest creations!!!

Be sure to come by this month and have a look! The update starts at just around midnight April 12th into the 13th!!!

This represents only a small preview of what you'll find on all the artists pages.


Sheila said...

Sorry i know i am really unorganized but this preview is for this month right? update april? not may? did I miss something....which i usually do :)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Yes....it's the April not May update...ooooops! ;-)

Sheila said...

Thanks Marie!! Ya know I often get dates mixed up and thought maybe I had missed some email or something! :)) Thanks for the great sneak peek!!

Radio Ads said...

Means we will enjoy more in may, isnt? i am very much excited about the coming update.

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