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Friday, August 15, 2008

Customer Spotlight Series!

This is the first post of the customer spotlight series! We want to know our customers a little better just like the artist bios help our customers get to know us.

Our first customer, Candy comes from Long Island, New York. She has been an avid collector of Halloween and Christmas items for the past 20 years. Halloween items are displayed throughout the first floor of her home on tables, fire place mantel, every piece of furniture and on her walls. Candy concentrates her collecting on pumpkins, witches and some skeletal creations too. She says doesn’t like anything too “creepy and frightening” as she wants to feel joy when looking at her purchases. When asked what Halloween folk art she would absolutely not part with, Candy states, “ the creations from all my favorite artists”! It’s quite apparent that Candy loves Halloween so I asked her what her favorite childhood memory of Halloween was? It seems having the right costume and getting fabulously huge bags of candy and carving and lighting a jack o lantern made the best Halloween times for her.

Candy purchased items from the following SpookyTime Jingles artists:

Ambitions Design,
Huckleberry Arts,
Ginny Diezel Studios,
Crowing About Primitives
The Smiling Goat
The Polka Dot Pixie

What drew her to these artist’s creations? That’s simple! She states, “just were things I loved the look of and wanted as part of my Halloween or Christmas collection”. Candy believes that folk art is great if it is one of a kind, handmade well and is sewn and created with many details and professionalism. If she had to describe the Spooky Time Jingles Marketplace to a friend she would tell them it’s a great new site to purchase from.
Thanks for the interview Candy and we hope to have you as a return customer!

This post was written by our own Melissa "Tootie" of Honey Girl Studio! Thanx Toots, great job!


~dani~ said...

I really do love this interview!! It is so interesting to learn more about the people who purchase our art. Candy is a sweetheart! Thanx Toots, this was a great idea!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Loved reading the interview!!

Chicken Lips said...

It's always nice to know that our work is appreciated by someone! Thanks for sharing.

Tootie said...

Thanks for letting me do it Dani! It was fun to do. I'd like to do another one for next month too.

Ginny Diezel said...

I love this! It's a great idea! I enjoyed reading about my very first customer! Thanks!

Jackie said...

This was a great idea....nice interview!
Way to go Tootie :) Jackie

Kristen Beason Designs said...

This is a great idea! We always see artist bios, but not collector's. Fun!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

What a great post! This is wonderful to actually get some feedback and some insight to why people collect homemade.



Annie said...

Candy is such a sweetie...Great interview! I love the idea ...

Crowing About Primitives said...

Great idea.. Candy is a super lady and it is nice to know a little more about her.. Ann

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wonderful to have a little Bio about customers this is great and great to know the people that buy our art!


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Great Interview! Candy is super sweet! I Would LOVE to see her house!Plus we share the same name :)lol

candycemv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
candycemv said...

Thanks so much to Tootie for the interview about myself - I am totally flabbergasted to even see all this in print but I am an avid art collector in this art form or genre! If I could only video my home right now, you would see a total red, white and blue patriotic theme throught the whole bottom floor and I so love everything I bought from all my favorite people! I have had it all up since May and collection still continues! However, I already have filled three gigantic rubbermaid tubs "carefully" with all my new Halloween treasures and I am putting them up in September because I just cannot wait! Christmas is another whole army of rubbermaid tubs of so many wonderful things as well! I guess the teacher in me, changing bulletin boards every month for years, has instilled the decorating bug in me for my home as well! Artists from this site as well as some of my favorite other ones have provided me and my family with more joy in your works of art then I could ever convey to you! Kudos to all of you oh so talented people! Kudos to all you wonderful artisans!

~dani~ said...

Candy you are the best! It is always so nice when a collector is involved in the art world with the artists. We always wonder who is the person behind the paypal payment. We want to know more about where our lil treasures go to live. Thank you for sharing with us. I know each piece is lovingly cared for and cherished for it uniqueness.

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