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Monday, August 30, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles & Halloween and Vine together!

ADQ Fall issue 2010 hv and stj
East meets West!

Did you know that STJ and HALLOWEEN & VINE partnered this year to bring you 2 world class holiday art shows on each coast?

A fan recently said this:
(thanks Jim M for letting me quote you ;)

Halloween and Vine IS the Super Bowl of Halloween Art Shows!

So as you can imagine, we at STJ are ecstatic to be working together with H&V to bring you the most valuable players in the collectible industry! We hope to see you at one or both!
Let us know if you need any assistance.


William Bezek said...

I'm showing at Halloween and Vine, and I had no idea...it's news to me!

~dani~ said...

Will! I am shocked ;) I made an announcement in the Spring..should I take this to mean you do not read every STJ post?
HA, Will, I plan on storming your table at Halloween and Vine, so be prepared sir ;)

LuLu Kellogg said...

I SO wish I could attend this...*sigh*....next year for sure since I will be free to travel more. I love the quote from a fan saying "Halloween and Vine is the Super Bowl of Halloween Art Shows"....soooooooo true!


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