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Monday, December 7, 2009

STJ Collector's Tree is LIVE!

What are you waiting for.? RUN to the first ever "Christmas Edition" STJ collectors tree!!
So exciting!!



Please help STJ grow by logging into your ebay account and "watch" our auction. Just by enough people watching it could put it on Ebay's pulse which can only help STJ artisan's get the exposure they SO deserve!

Of course, if the mood strikes you bid away! The tree is a remarkable work of art and we are all so proud of it and I am 100% confident the winner will be over the moon pleased with this stellar offering!

Be sure to also view our slideshow (also linked on ebay auction page) to see each ornament up-close!
They are all so stunning!

STJ ornament Collection Mosaic


yoborobo said...

It is just amazing, Dani! I'm going to go watch the slideshow again. :)

Valeriote Design said...

HOLY COW!!!! I've got visions of Spookytime ornaments dancing in my head. Oh Santa PLEASE make my wish come true and send me that tree! BRILLIANT idea!

William Bezek said...

Dani, This is such a brilliant idea you have come up with...you are truly a marketing wiz! I hope the price at auction goes sky high!

~dani~ said...

Thanks guys and gals! It is so exciting to watch. I would like to take the credit for it but I have others to thank who wanted to help STJ gain extra monies for 2010. This way we can have the money to do what we need to (big-HUGE year 2010 will be) and not raise the yearly fees. LOVE IT but love even more how much excitement has built around all of the STJ artist's. They SOOO deserve it.
I hope the price goes higher too as right now it is a STEAL!

HUGS for the sweetness you shared here.

Designs By CK said...

GREAT tree, ornaments, & idea!

Chris (-:

Suzie said...

Congratulations on the grand sale of your gorgeous tree!

I hope that it was as successful as you had hoped that it would be!

It was mind boggling to see all of that creativity gracing that very lucky tree!

What a fun event!! I hope that it is the first of an annual tradition! :-)

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