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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Door Prize WINNERS from our July Birthday Celebration!

Congrat's to all of the winners!! Thank you soo much for your support of STJ Artisans and the Handmade movement. Happy Collecting!

Winner of Odd Faes piece is DANA MOLL (Buyer)
Odd Fae

Winner of Marie Patterson's Piece is SAM JOHNSON of GollyWobbles (STJ Fan Badge Program)
Marie DP

Winner of Patty of woopitdoarts 2 Pieces is EMILY JASPERSE & LISA HANSEN (Buyers)
Patty of Woopitydooart_2

Patty of Woopitydooart_1

Winner of Iva's piece is Racheal Madden (Buyer)

Winner of Jenn of Noodle & Lou's piece is Allison Bartlett (buyer)
boo lulette house noodle and lou dp

Winner of Josie of Skeleton in My Closet piece is Cindy Ramsey (buyer)
Skeleton Closet Ornie DP

Winner of Polka Dot Pixies Piece is Jill Hale (Buyer)
Polka Dot Pixie DP

Winner of Annette of Huckleberry Arts pieces is Nan Calder & Kathren Cook (Buyer and STJ Fan) Nan won...
Huckleberry Card Holder DP
Kathren won....
Huckleberry Pendant DP

Winner of Lisa of Buck's County Designs piece is BARB JANULIS (Buyer)
LM Nelson Door Prize

Winner of Suz of Surprise, Delight, Joy pieces is BECKY BEST & HOPE GRIFFIN (Buyer & STJ Fan)

Becky Won....
suz hallo
HOPE Won...


Winner of Lance of Crescent Hills Piece is AMY SHARP SCHNEIDER (BUYER)

Winner of Carrie of Snippet's Piece is VIRGINIA HAMILTON (Buyer)

Winner of Ginny Diezel's Piece is Kevin Seaver (Buyer)

Winner of Cathy Nash's Piece is AUTUMN CLARK (STJ Fan Badge Program)
Cathy Nash Star Wand

Winner of Pam of YoboRobo's Pieces are Vania Cruz-Perez & Kim McIntyre (STJ Fan Badge & Buyer)
Vania won.....
& Yobo Robo signed Print

Kim won...
YoboRobo Door Prize

Winner of David of Chicken Lips Piece is Theresa Meloon (Random Winner who entered 21x in a month)
Chix Lips Door Prize

Winner of Nicole of Mealy Monster's Piece is Linda Hughes (Buyer)
Mealy Monster Door Prize

Winner of Kristen Beason's Piece is Kim Wagner (Buyer)
Kristen Beason 7 Door Prize

Winner of Shirley of Magic Brush Studio Pieces is Elma Reidstre & Art James (Buyers)
Each winner wins one Santa Ornament.
Shirley Magic Brush Studio

Winner of Linda of Paint Misbehavin's piece is GARY OLIVER (Buyer)
Paint_Misbehavin DP

Winner of Janell of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art Piece is Barb Crawford (Buyer & Badge Program)
Janell Uncle Sam Door Prize

Winner of Flora of Bone Head Studios Piece is SUENETTE DILL (BUYER)
Flora Skelly Door Prize

Winner of Brandi, She's Off her Rocker Piece is Deb Jordan (Buyer)
Brandi door prize july

Winners of Gourd Queens Pieces are Amy Huskey & Deb Wilson (Both Buyers)

Amy Won..
GourdQueen Santa

Deb Won...
Gourdqueen door prize july

Winner of Tammy of Light and Shadow Studio Piece is Anne Stevenson (Buyer)
Tammy Door Prize July 2009

Winner of Carmen of Spooky Hollow's Piece is Issa Gayton (Buyer)
SpookyHollow July DP

Winner of Dani of Ambitions Design Piece is Connie Procher (STJ Fan Badge Program)
Skellykin Door Prize July 13th 2009 STJ

Winner of Laurie Hardin's Piece is Robert Brawley (Buyer & STJ Fan Badge Program)

Winner of Lisa of LLA's Piece is Cindy Carson (Buyer)
Free Santa by LLA Creations Door Prize July


Halloween Fanatic said...

YAY!!! Thanks! Robert

~dani~ said...

You are welcome, my dear!! Thank you for your support of STJ!!

Pixie said...

Yay! I won something! (I never win anything)...lol lol. Thanks to STJ and to all the wonerful artists who are so generous and inspiring!

Hope G

Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

I won!!! How exciting!! Thank you STG and all the artists and fans that make this wonderful group :)

Can't wait to receive my prize!


Theresa said...

Wow I can't believe I won David's pumpkin guy... I wanted him soooooo bad LOL. :) I love all the artists on Spookytime Jingle and I plan to visit often. Thank you so much. :) I'm so excited. :)



Kristen Beason Designs said...

Congratulations to all of the door prize winners!


AwtemNymf said...

Congratulations everybody! :)

Autumn said...

Yippee Dani!!! Can't believe I won this amazing wand. Cannot wait to see it in person. Thanks for all that you do and happy, happy birthday STJ! Thanks to each and every artist who contributed. :)
~ Autumn Clark

Codys Keepsakes said...

OMG I won...I never win anything...Can't wait to get my prize. congrats everyone

Sprite said...

WOO HOO! I can't believe I won something so cool! :D I'm so excited, Thanks Patty!

(Lisa) ;)

Anonymous said...

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