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Friday, October 19, 2012

Decking the Howls
By Denise Young
(Halloween Enthusiast & Baby)

Breaking news!  Holiday trees are no longer for only Christmas and they are no longer only green.  Holiday trees are for any holiday or season, especially Halloween. Halloween-themed trees are all the rage for Halloween lovers and holiday home decorators this time of year.  Generally Halloween trees are smaller in size and designed to sit on a piece of furniture.  Thus making them easy to put up, display and take down in a timely manner.  They are not the center of the holiday home like Christmas trees, but a place to hang small goodies of scary splendor.

Halloween trees come in standard Halloween colors, black, orange and purple, and are available at most craft and home decorating stores during the Halloween season.  These stores generally carry all the accompanying decorations and necessary accessories as well.  The variety available on the market is wide and consists of ornaments, lights, skirts, toppers, and garland.  If there is not a wide selection available at your local store, do not fear.  You would be surprised what would go on a tree.  Halloween party favors and little toys often are sold in 10-25 pieces, are small and colorful.  Voila…instant tree trimmings!  For that special Halloween tree that grows each year look, on-line or at your local craft shows for special handcrafted pieces; nothing like starting a new Halloween tradition.

I was introduced to a Halloween tree when a friend sent me my first Halloween ornament for my birthday.  It was so awesome I drove to the local craft store and bought my first Halloween tree immediately.  I was surprise to how many little goodies, like lights, garland and other ornaments, were available to put on my new tree.  Oh the excitement!  That was the day I said, “Bye, bye red and green balls and hello orange and purple!”

My tree was black and small enough to manage from year to year without having to move my car out of the garage to store it.  Once I had made my choice, I quickly put it up in my office; I was going to enjoy this tree as much as possible!  At home it would be ignored; gather dust and destroyed by my cats.   Enjoyed it was, not only by me, but also by passing customers and co-workers stopping to chat.  It created a lot of interest and brought me utter bliss.  Holiday trees are meant to bring joy and celebration any time of the year!

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