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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Social

Written by Denise Young
Denise Young Photography & Design, Halloween baby and enthusiast!

Today most people keep in touch and share their lives through a social outlet like Facebook, Twitter, email or text.  Why not extend your love for Halloween and other favorite holidays to social media outlets?  The best example is Facebook.  The “timeline” creation has caused quite a stir on Facebook with a considerable amount of negative feedback.  But why not embrace it?  Use it as another outlet for your Halloween enthusiasm, fascination, and creativity!

The timeline allows you to put pictures and creations on your page.  As long as what you would like to share is imported as a jpeg file, Facebook will load it.  A jpeg file is a very commonly used file.  All cameras take pictures in jpeg and it can be created from everyday programs such as Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop. If digital design is not your specialty or is too challenging, you can buy one.  The Internet offers many outlets to find one, such as Etsy.  Many shops are carrying Facebook timelines now at very reasonable rates and most shop owners will create one for you for an additional cost.

The graphic image below is one example of a Halloween themed timeline.  Adding this festive holiday to your Facebook timeline is fun and creates interest for friends who view your page.  If you have a business page, this is a great way to incorporate your love for Halloween and generate chatter on your Facebook page.  Creations can range from a single picture, to a mass produced design purchased, to a privately created masterpiece or even a montage of favorite Halloween pictures.  The opportunities are endless with social media.

Keep Halloween alive in your homes, your offices and on your social media outlets.  Create, upload, share and repeat!

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