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Friday, February 11, 2011

STJ brings you MORE!

That's right! In addition to our usual Halloween and Christmas, this month the Spookytimejingles artists will be offering some awesome Easter pieces in our 3rd annual "Easter Hootenanny"!!!

Here's a sampling from some of the artist's works that you'll find starting February 13th!!!

Stop by SpookytimeJingles to see even more! It all starts at that stroke of midnight as the clock ticks into the new day of Feb. 13th!!!


noodle and lou said...

so many good peeks! can't wait to see everything! xox...jenn

snippetgirl said...

Looking forward to seeing the full spread of fabulous and fun art!
Purrs~~ Carrie

~dani~ said...

Wow this is a great preview! Thank you for sharing.

Lance said...

Looks like another great month for stj. Can't wait!

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