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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New works are coming!!!!

Get to your computers and smart phones to be the first to snag some new goodies from the Spookytimejingles artists.......starting at or around the stroke of midnight (May 12th into the wee hours of May 13th EST)!!!!

This photo preview represents a small sampling of the amazing art that you'll find on each and every page.

Stop in to see us at midnight or anytime during the month of May to get yourself a little piece of happiness!


Anonymous said...

Hello all! I'm wondering if it's just me and my computer but I can't get the main web page to pull up. I've tried it in Firefox and Explorer. Is it just my connection? I haven't had any problems in the past. - Amanda

Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! It is working now! Soooo excited for the 13th! - Amanda

PS - I think I should mention that I found SpookyTimeJingles through Brandi's moon auctions on Ebay. I have to admit I never really was into Halloween until I found this site. Now I can't get enough of the holiday. I blame you all and your marvelous work!! :) Amanda

yoborobo said...

Can't wait to see what everyone has made! :) Pam

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