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Sunday, March 7, 2010

welcome lori rudolph and kim hardt!!!

happy March everyone!
not only are we excited to see little glimpses of spring peeking through (that is certainly some HAPPY news!)...we are also celebrating the arrival of 2 new SpookyTime Jingles members! and WOWZA they are 2 talented and fabulous ladies!

put your hands together for Lori Rudolph of Retro Rudolph's! Lori's papier mache masterpieces have such a perfect vintage flair. we are so thrilled to have you here with us Lori!

look at those super cool faces on lori's ornaments!

don't you know your Halloween candy will taste better when kept in Lori's candy containers!? :):):) How could it not!?

and we are so very happy to welcome back our super talented friend Kim Hardt of Kim Hardt Originals! yes...Kim was just our surprise guest seller for February! her papier mache characters are so full of expression and FUN...they are just incredible. just look at these 2 witches...don't you just want to have a cup of witches brew with them!?

her Christmas creations are equally delightful...

Lori and Kim will have their original art available on SpookyTime Jingles this March 13th update! wooOhooooOoo!


Chicken Lips said...

Both are wonderful artists! Welcome!!!

yoborobo said...

Hi Lori and Kim! Welcome aboard the STJ train! You both have fabulous work! :) Pam

sUz said...

weLcOme loRi and kiM! LOVE your work :) sUz :)

Designs By CK said...

2 wonderful artists and additions 2 the STJ family!

CK (-:

Bonnie Jones said...

Welcome Lori and Kim...awesome!!

Radio Ads said...

Hey Lori an Kim,

you both are doing amazing work, i am really happy to see this, keep it up dude, you are going to rock.

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