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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hint # 2 & Sneak Peek Spoiler!!

NL Surprise Guest Pic Hint #2

C'mon...you guy's can do better, this time, keep guessing!!!


Now lookie at this gem!!
Might this be the epitome of the perfect commingling of sweet & spooky?
(wow that was a mouth full)

Polka Dot pixie Spoiler Peek!

Come back soon..Lot's more sneak peeks coming!!!


Creepy Margaret said...

I need more hints.

Flora said...

OH I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!..hehehe!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I really stink at this....I have no idea!

~dani~ said...

Well, I haven't made it easy..I just like teasing you all! I will make the next one easier. Now Flora...you stinker. I wonder if you do know or think you know,...hmmm..


Jackie said...

love Jen's sneek peak....and I still think its noodle and lou ;)

~dani~ said...

I know..Jenny's pieces always make we want every single one of them. She has to stop, my will power is not strong enough to say no to a polka dot pixie piece!! ;0

sUz said...

It's jeNn mCgLon nOodLe and lOu!

Heather said...

I cant wait!~

Sweet B Folk Art said...

I have NO IDEA! but then I tend to be a bit dense when it comes to "hints" and "clues"

- Sweet B

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