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Monday, July 7, 2008

~Updates, Reminders and your average Gobitty Gook~

Look at this wonderful banner Annette of Huckleberry Arts made for our Kids Corner! I love it!!

Please be sure to send me photo's of your childrens art(nieces,nephews and Grand-children-ok too if your children are too old to participate or not old enough ;)

Send it along with a description and info on the artist (nickname, age, region of residence, mediums and if it is for sale) If it is available for sale please give me the email I can post with it for contact and how much the piece is. Also, be sure to identify yourself in the email so I know what STJ artist goes with what lil artiste!

Here is a peek at one of my Christmas offerings from Ambitions Design for the SpookyTime Jingles Debut on July 13th! Ho Ho Ho-Fun Fun Fun!
SnowPal Ornaments for SpookyTimeJingles.com July 13, 2008

Hoping by now you have all read your emails (make sure you add my email address to yor contacts so I do not end up in spam-land) and all know that you can register your accounts on SpookyTimeJingles.com. Tthe web team will give you your sellers pages to edit the same day once they confirm with me that you are an actual STJ seller. We have had a number of people register, who are not current members so the team keeps checking with me in case there are any new artists (there is none at this time).

We are all set for our July 13th launch and just need you all to create your pages by the 12th. We will publish all pages DONE or NOT DONE at midnight of the 13th. If you have a conflict just let me know and we will work something out.

I need your avatars with your name or business name on them (150x150)as soon as you can.

I wanted to mention at how pleased I am with the response from our Flickr group. We are getting a lot of views and I think it has helped us all more than we knew that it could. I know you have all helped me and my picture views are off the charts! Love that free marketing! Thank you Lance for moderating the group and keeping an eye on important topics.

Don't forget to pay your fees by the 12th so that your page will be published. Email me if you need to make arrangements if we have not done so already.

Our business cards arrived and I am just waiting for the postcards I ordered to arrive as well. So, expect them shortly.

Happy Sweet 'n Spooooky Creating!


Laurie Hardin said...

When do you sleep?!!!!!! Gads woman, you are making me feel like a snail with all of your new work! Good for you!

~dani~ said...

lol...you are too funny! Truth is I am not sleeping much these days. But sooooon!

Designs by CK said...

GOOD LUCK! ~ Spooky Time Jingles Crew with your roll-out on the 13th! :)


Tootie said...

The banner ROCKS Dani!!!!
Thanks for your hard work!

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